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Buyers Tips

Buyers Tips


  Seek out a Certified Inspector


  Seek out a fully trained, fully insured home inspector


  Does your state require licensing? If so be sure you are hiring a Licensed home inspector who has meet all of your states requirements


  Plan to attend the home inspection, be aware most inspections will Take 2 to 3 hours, larger homes usually take even longer


  Come prepared…bring notepad, pen, measuring tape and a flashlight


  Dress comfortable


  Your fee for the inspection is usually due at the time of the inspection Confirm with your inspector available methods of PAYMENT $


  Discuss any concerns about the property at the time you schedule your inspection


  When you schedule your inspection it is helpful to have the following information Available


  Address of the home to be inspected


  MLS number of the home if it is listed with a Realtor®


  Your daytime, evening and cell numbers


  Approximate age of the home


  Approximate square footage of the home


  Information as to how to gain access to the property


  Any limitations you are aware of with the property

Note: In the event the home is vacant, special arrangements may need to be made to Insure that all utilities are on and functioning. If other testing is desired such as Radon, or termite inspection please advise the inspector as these require more time. Alert the inspector in advance of any other possible testing or analysis that was recently performed or is pending.

Special consideration: The scope of the inspection is very comprehensive and everyone's safety is of the utmost concern, we will advise everyone present at the inspection to refrain from certain activities.

When you hire an inspector his/her loyalties are with you.


Feel free to ask any questions during your inspection!

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