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Home Inspection

Grading & drainage, retaining walls, walkways, driveways, patios, decks, porches, fencing, lawn/shrubs, gates.

Exterior walls, parapets, trim, chimney, foundation, slabs, basement, crawl space.
Access, roof rafters, collar ties, ceiling rafters,  insulation, ventilation and exposed wiring , framing, roof surface, Roof material, number of layers, flashing, penetrations, drainage, overhangs, gutters &  downspouts, roof edging, valley flashing, wasteline venting, furnace flue flashing, fireplace / wood stove flashing, roof vents, tree obstructions, sky-lights, maintenance and life expectancy.

Overhead vehicle door, automatic opener and safety reverse, fire separation, Floors, walls, lighting, electrical outlets.

Main piping, distribution piping, waste & vent piping, fuel system, lawn sprinklers, water heater, laundry connection.

Type, condition, distribution/duct system, filters, thermostat.

Service entrance, capacity, panels, circuitry, wiring, outlets & switches.

Bedroom and Living Areas
Ceilings, walls, flooring, windows, doors, locks, electrical outlets, lighting, ceiling fan, smoke detectors, heating, handrails and fireplace.  closets, stairs.

Ceiling, walls, flooring, windows, Cabinets & counters, sink, faucet /sprayer, garbage disposal, dishwasher, range, oven, microwave, hood light, hood fan,  built-in appliances.

Plumbing connections, electrical connections, dryer vent, floor, lighting, ventilation and laundry sink.

Cabinets & counters, sinks, faucets, Ceiling, walls, flooring, tile /grouting, tub /shower, lavatory, toilet, water flow/drain flow, ventilation / fans, doors, locks, lighting, electrical outlets, GFCI safety outlets and heating.

Shell, deck, filter, pumps, piping, blower, electrical, heater, safety aspects.
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