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Pool / Spa Agreement

Pool / Spa Standards of Practice




Scope of Pool and/or Spa Inspection


The inspector may examine the following items at his discretion, as agreed with the customer by written contract.


Items to be observed with condition reported:

 Location and type of pool or spa


 Conditions limiting or otherwise inhibiting observation.


 Enclosure and related gates/child protective barriers.


 Hardscaping and drainage related to the pool or spa 

 Condition of visible portions of systems, structures or components.

The inspector is not required to:


 Examine any above ground, moveable, freestanding or otherwise not-permanently installed pool or spa, or self contained equipment.


 Come into contact with pool or spa water to examine the system, structure or components 

 Determine adequacy of spa jet water force or bubble effect.


 Determine structural integrity or leakage of any kind of the pool vessel or underground piping.


 Evaluate  heating elements, chemical dispensers,  low voltage or computer controls, timers, sweepers or cleaners, pool or spas covers and related components.


 Operate or Evaluate filter backwash valves or systems.


 Examine accessories such as but not limited to aerators, air blowers, diving or jumping boards, ladders, skimmers, slides or steps, waterfall or other water features and/or their equipment.



I have read and agree to the above scope of the pool and/or spa inspection



Signed:___________________________________ Date:_________________

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