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Sellers Check List

Use this complimentary checklist to prepare your home for sale.

House's Exterior:

Paint if necessary

Clean windows and screens

Clean gutters and downspout strainers                                                                                                    

Apply fresh coat of paint to front door

Repair driveway


Remove clutter and flammables

Clean floor and paint if necessary

Check door functionality


Mow and clean up debris

Trim bushes

Add flowers

Remove yard clutter


Remove clutter

Remove signs of pets

Replace window treatments

Spackle drywall and repaint

Fix loose wallpaper

Clean thoroughly including mopping

Clean windows

Eliminate odors

Consider new carpeting

Update lighting as necessary


Clear countertops

Update cabinet hardware

Update cabinet doors if necessary

Clean and touch up appliances


Clean out and de-clutter closets

Remove all clutter

Use new, fresh bed linens

Put flowers next to bed


New shower curtain and liner

New towels and rug

Thoroughly clean tile and re-grout if necessary

Replace any damaged tiles

Remove stains and mildew


Clean furnace and air conditioner

Limit number of personal effects

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