Frequently Asked Questions

Why use our Services?
The purchase of a new home is one of the single most costly investments that a family will make.  Along with the extra stresses this will add, there is also the fear factor of, “Will This Home Stand The Test of Time?”  It is also important to know what YOU, as the primary investor, are getting for your money.

Do you inspect resale properties and buildings under construction? 
Yes, we do provide resale and new home phase inspections and new home warranty period inspections.

Do you carry Errors and Omissions and General Liability insurance?  
Yes, we want our customers to have peace of mind when using our services. Our insurance is for home inspections as well as commercial/industrial work. The policy also extends coverage to those who refer us for an inspection.

Are your inspectors Trained?
Yes, each inspector has been specifically selected based on prior training / experience. Additionally, the inspectors must attend at least 20 hours of ASHI approved training each year.

Do you perform background checks on your inspectors?
Yes, our management performs standard reference checks. All of our inspectors are State Licensed and have taken a comprehensive State exams, strict compliance with standards and code of ethics, and continuing education at the rate of at least twenty hours each year.

Do you test for environmental hazards like radon, asbestos, lead?
We can provide screening services for environmental hazards, however, we encourage using environmental experts for any detailed evaluation needs.

Do you test for carbon monoxide as part of an inspection?  

No, carbon monoxide testing is outside the scope of a home inspection and is a complex issue as it relates to equipment/operator reliability and device calibration, as a result we do not attempt to take carbon monoxide readings during a standard home inspection.

Do you guarantee your work?
Yes, our policy reads: “If we don’t find every visible major defect at the property, within the scope of the inspection, then we take care of the problem or the inspection is free. If the problem is serious enough we carry comprehensive Errors and Omissions insurance to make things right.”

How are disputes handled?
We manage any complaints personally and try to extend exceptional customer service to everyone. In the case of a significant disagreement the issue would be settled by mediation or arbitration.

How long does the inspection take and should I be there?
Fieldwork in an average sized home will take hour  per 1000 square  feet  on newer  homes a little  longer  on older homes to complete.  A detailed report is delivered on site or the following business day.

Why can’t I have someone in my family who is very handy or a contractor, inspect my new home?
This is the biggest mistake many potential new homeowners make when purchasing a home. Although the person you are considering may be very skilled, they are not trained or experienced at professional home inspections. Professional home inspection is a unique skill like no other. Professional inspectors get what we call an inspector’s instinct for problems. That instinct takes extensive training and lots of experience doing inspections to develop. Many contractors, and other trades professionals hire a professional home inspector to inspect their homes when they make a purchase.

What if I have questions after the inspection?
You can call us and discuss all the aspects of your new home whenever you like. Our service is a long-term investment.

How do I choose a Home Inspector?
Call up and ask about their credentials and experience, If  for some reason you don’t feel comfortable asking this of the inspector when speaking with them on the phone then how will you feel asking questions at the inspection. You must feel that the inspector is qualified, experienced and attentive of your needs.

We are Certified Distressed Property Experts! And Certified ASHI Home Inspectors!

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